Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Post on a Blog about Knives

Ok guys (and Girls) here goes . I'm starting this Blog because I enjoy Buying , Selling , Trading , Researching , Studying and Talking about Antique Knives . Pocketknives , Straight Knives and Military Knives . I like anything made around or before 1970 , but my real  interest are knives made before World War 2  ended . My favorite old company being "Walden Knife Company" Walden NY . I think the old Pick Bone Handles are the greatest . Old Stag Handles from Kabar , Case , Marble and Many Many more great old Companies is hard to beat also . I'm going to try to post a picture and a short description of a different knife as often as I can . If you have any questions or comments feel free to jump in .

Remington Scout Knife Mint in the Box
Remington made a lot of these but it's rare to find one Mint In the Box . The paper under the lid is what the knife was wrapped in when it was shipped from factory sometime before 1939 .